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Do Fuel Injector Cleaners Really Work ?

It is extremely critical that you know how to clean your fuel injector, because deposits can form at the tip of the injector, and once this occurs, things only become progressively worse. The main reason why these deposits form is that when a thoroughly heated engine is shut off, your water pump no longer circulates the coolant.

When this happens, the temperature of the engine accelerates and the fuel which remains the fuel injector’s tip instantly is subjected to the warm and heat period wherein it instantaneously gets parched into the fuel injector. So what can be done to clean your fuel injector, so that you don’t have a dangerous porous mass constantly forming? Here are three must know fuel injector cleaning tips….

Cleaners – By adding the best injector cleaner directly to your vehicle’s fuel tank, you will be able to clean off the grunge that has built up on your fuel injector. However, this is the least effective method of fuel injection cleaning.

Additives help in keeping the injectors free of dust, dirt and grime and hence oil companies manufacture these additives so that the fuel injector remains healthy and in working condition.

Sometimes these additives would make things worse by making these deposits, even more, worse, however, there are steps which can be adopted so that the intake valves can be maintained in good healthy condition.

Brand name fuel – You may hate having to hear this, but brand name fuels allow your fuel injector to stay clean longer.

You certainly get what you pay for in this situation, as brand name fuels always have additives anyways which will easily prevent deposits from forming on your injector.

If you want to ensure that your vehicle remains in good working condition and running smoothly, you need to get it serviced and oiled every 25000 miles, so that there is no excessive strain on the motor vehicle.

Many of the fuel injectors were adding to the already existing problem, rather than solving the problem.

Lessen the burden of these injector cleanings by changing the model from the pintle to the seat, disc or ball design.

Adopting the disc design would lessen the formation of deposits, but it would not completely wipe out the problem.

As well you will need to replace your injector if your regular fuel injector cleaning processes do not remove the buildup, so remember this respectively.

Using RC Cars to Test Effectiveness

RC cars are roughness machines designed to go really fast and to be enjoyed. Most the best RC cars use an electric motor (all of them for that matter). Having a powerful electric motor is important to make these vehicles go really fast.